How we do it

First Phase

This is the consultation phase. Now that you have an idea of what you want, the next thing to do is contact us to schedule a chat or a first meeting.

We put your idea on paper and discuss your needs, objectives, deadlines and budget. After we have sketched your idea, we look through our portfolio to find past work that is similar to what you want. Then, we carry out property assessment (for existing properties) or property search, property assessment and purchase (for clients who are in need of property).

Second Phase

After we have all the numbers and have gotten a true picture of your idea, we create a draft design proposal.

We tweak and revise the draft till it meets your expectations then, we study previous similar projects and craft a final project proposal based on your needs and preferences. We also discuss and finalize costs at this stage so that you get a clearer idea of the financial implications of the project.

Third Phase

We assess all factors relevant to design and development, create the conceptual designs, review the concepts with the relevant team members, draw up an execution schedule, provide a timeline for completion and send concept to you for review. After you have approved the design, we create the schematics.

Fourth Phase

After schematic design has been drawn and reviewed, the construction contract is created (showing work scope, fees, payments and payment schedules, timelines and resources). Contract undergoes revision and approval. After approval has been secured, we apply for all necessary permits and create an extensive project schedule.

Fifth Phase

This is the construction phase. It covers site preparation, excavation, foundation laying, shell installations, interior work and exterior finishes. Every aspect of this phase is closely monitored and strictly evaluated for quality control.

Sixth Phase

This phase covers site cleanup and work inspection. Once the client is fully satisfied with the final work, we handover keys, warranties, homeowner guides and other relevant documents.

Move In!